Final Fantasy XIV – Streaming Playthrough Roadmap (December 2023)

It has been a while since I have worked on the streaming character for Final Fantasy XIV, since August to be exact, and I wanted to share the roadmap of what I plan to do on the next few streams as I try to get back into streaming regularly and work on this challenge run. So if anyone isn’t aware since I was unable to stream consistently for multiple reasons, including some health issues, I cloned the streaming character and have been playing the challenge on what is probably going to be my new main character. While I probably won’t be putting work into some of the, let’s go with “time consuming”, achievements to get like the ones related to leve quests and grand company turn ins I do want to work on getting the rest of the side content done on the stream character as well. Below is a roadmap of what I want to get finished in the next few streams before moving on past the level 30 main story quests.

  • Finish the main story quest up to Haukke Manor (Level 28) MSQ Dungeon.
  • Complete all crafting and gathering logs, minus legendary fish, up to level thirty.
  • Work on any achievements related to crafting and gathering up to level thirty.

The reason for wanting to get these things done is on my personal run of this challenge I made the mistake of waiting until the post game of Heavensward to work on completing them. I figured that it would be easier to complete the achievements and crafting logs once I had flying unlocked and access to crystal farming via ephemeral nodes. What has happened in reality is I am now currently trying to finish sixty levels of crafting and gathering content all at once and while having access to flying certainly makes that easier, it’s really tedious. To stop the streams from being one type of content for multiple streams in a row I will be breaking up the crafting and main story into smaller chunks to keep the variety up, as I don’t want to stream only crafting for weeks on end for the people who don’t enjoy watching that the of grindy content.

And with that explained, to the best of my ADHD’s ability, I will leave it there for now. I will be working on getting a stream schedule up soon and will be trying to stream more consistently.

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