Reoria Development Update: Switching to C#

Just a quick update for my little hobby game I am making with Godot. I am switching from the GDScript version of Godot to the C# version. While I am not even remotely near done with the game, the most I have done at the moment is some basic player movement, at this time as far as I know this means I will not be able to reliably deploy the game on non-desktop clients. I am hopping the Godot team and community can get this resolved before the game is ready for the early alpha launches, but if push comes to shove I will either make an Android and iOS port of the game, or have someone help me with doing that.

I will be providing more information about the game, and posting more development logs/diaries in the future. For now I will be focusing on setting up and porting over my existing GDScript to an object oriented C# version of the code.


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