New Website Under Construction

My new website is now live but is currently under construction. I will be adding in content and features over time so please feel free to browse and explore what is currently on the live version. For anyone who is interested in testing out the content and features I am currently working on for the website, or want to provide feedback for said new content and features, you can visit my staging environment at Please remember that the staging environment undergoes constant resets and rollbacks while I develop content and features and port them to the live website.

As for a roadmap of the content and features I am planning and working on in the immediate future I want to get my YouTube and Discord content integrated with the website as a priority. I will also be adding in pages for the gaming challenges and other gaming content I am working on right now. This is primarily my Final Fantasy XIV and Pokemon Living Dex content. I will also be setting up a section to talk about coding and possibly offer my services to develop themes and plugins for WordPress and create other applications.

Anyhow that is all for now, please look forward to the new content as it comes out. The primary two things at the top of my list right now are creating the website theme, and integrating Discord login and role syncing.

Thanks for reading,


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