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  1. Not much to post about this month, for the most part been busy with most of the stuff I mentioned last month. There are a couple of big changes that will be worked on this month, the first being that I am going to be working on more ESO content as my guild's progression group is starting up, so I'll be playing that more in the evenings to help people farm stuff and grind out my own builds. I'll also be working on coding more, I have a few projects on the go I want to get done, so there may be the occasional coding stream or two mixed in. Other than that not much going on this month. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  2. It doesn't feel like we're into the fifth month of 2020 yet, but then again the days start to blend together when you're setting your own hours. Anyhow I realize I forgot to post one of these in April, things got a little hectic with stuff that's been happening. There are only a couple things to go over this time, but they're kinda of big updates. Firstly I wanted to just say that I'm working on getting more time put into the website and community. I want to work on getting the community more active and such, so I've been making it a goal to work on the community more. There are a number of things in the works, but for the most part I'll be working mostly on the community forums, and my personal areas of the website for now. Oh and the theme, the theme is important so yeah that's also a thing being worked on. Next I want to just let everyone know that I am working on getting the Champion's Den and Evergloam Nightingales guilds I run in the Elder Scrolls Online more active. Both guilds have kind of just been sitting there, so like the community I want to get those active again. I will not be prioritizing these more than the community, but I'm hoping once I get more stuff done here, I'll have more time to run these guilds more actively. Other than that not much else going on, there we not many changes to my life because of the world events recently, and I've been pretty much just been doing the same things as normal. As for streaming, I've been having bad migraines because of the rainy season, so I'll try to stream as often a as I can as consistently as I can, but as I always say personal health takes priority over gaming, and if I don't have the energy or patience to stream, I'm not going too. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  3. Just a heads up, I am currently working on organizing and in some areas rebuilding the community. This is the time of the year for spring cleaning and well, also a little stuck at home when not at work so I figured this would be a good time to work on the back end stuff for the community. The biggest thing that me and the other administrators have been working on is a complete rebuild of the dedicated server that operates pretty much all of the community's servers and websites. Not going to go too much into it for security and boredom reasons, but we are now running the game servers and other services we host on CentOS using docker. This allows us to perform maintenance faster and causes less issues when one server needs to be updated, but updating it will cause issues with other stuff. At this time we are not running more then the minecraft, modded minecraft, and ark servers but in the future we may put up a monthly/event/limited time game server for some added fun and community engagement, more on that later as it's debated. Also the quarter day restarts on the game servers are gone, we now have a program watching the containers and will let us know when one is having issues. For the personal side of the community, I am going to be focusing more on website design and coding more than applications and games. I feel I've been spreading myself a little too thin recently working on all different kinds of programming projects, so I am now going to focus and work on specializing in website design. There will be areas of the website setup for this as I work on it, and for now I am only working on projects for friends and myself. There will also be a dedicated blog section, as I thought it would be important to separate my personal posts from the community related ones. So as aforementioned I will be setting up a dedicated personal blog section, and the community based stuff will be posted here in the forums area. That's all for now, I will post a proper update for April and/or May at a later date as the community is re-organized. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  4. There's not much going on this update, but there are a few things I would like to touch up on. The first is I am going to be working with some friends to come up with content to put on the website. I'm personally going to try posting more articles and posts besides these updates. I've been wanting to post more content but was not sure about what to post. The next thing is I will be working on setting up sections for my projects and the community game servers. We've had the minecraft server up for some time and I''ve been working on a few projects behind the scenes. There will be a new projects section popping up on the website in a bit once I get everything working and functional. That's all for now, thanks for reading, -XerShade
  5. Its the new year and time for some new updates. The first updates we have are to the community as a whole. I have been working on integrating the Discord, Minecraft Servers, Patreon, Twitch channel, and pretty much everything I am currently running through the website. I have been working on bridging the many parts of the community together so that it is easier for everyone to use and manage the community. I will go over this in more detail as there's a few things that need some explaining, but for the most part all sections of the community are connected now through the website. The next big update is more of a change in my goals and focus in life. I will still be streaming gaming content, however I will be mostly working on websites and website themes for people and am dropping game development as an almost whole. I will still be helping others with their game projects from time to time, but for the most part I found that most of my game and application projects go no where and I want to focus that energy more into things I enjoy and don't have to spend as much time on, like websites and extensions for websites. Okay so with that bombshell out of the way there's one last elephant in this update room to deal with. In terms of gaming content I will be focusing mostly on Elder Scrolls Online, but I want to be a bit more active on the minecraft front. I will be working on ZombieCleo's server as well as my own more often, especially on Cleos as there is a build I want to complete before the next reset, or at least part of it since it is kind of a big idea and I might not have time to complete the whole thing. I will go over things in their own posts later, as all of these require a fair amount of expanding on, but for now thanks for reading. -XerShade
  6. Well, it's October so it's time for another community update. This one is a bit late because of IRL issues but there are a few things I wanted to update everyone on. First is I am going to be streaming Stellaris on Sundays when I can, however the last few week I've been not well. I've since gone to the doctors and am feeling a bit better, but this time of year is when I start to get very sick, very easily. Other then Stellaris for now I am planning on streaming Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4 Survival Mode on the other days of the week that I can stream. There are currently some false audio claim issues with a few of my recent VODs, but they are being dealt with as fast as I can. I'll also be aiming to stream around 7 AM (GMT-5) every day for at least an hour, but health and other priorities like work and appointments will be put ahead of streaming. I'm also going to be going through my twitch archive over the next few months or so and cleaning up the collections and VOD information in preparation for a new section that's coming to the website soon. Finally I am going to try and put a fair amount of my time coding into working on the Society of Collaborative Streamers website as the code and systems I am working on there will also allow me to pull and manage my video content over on this website. As both websites are hosted on the same server I can use the database for both websites, and just display my content from the database on my website. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  7. I've noticed I have a habit of starting pretty much all my posts off with the word "so", without dropping myself into the trap of using it to start this post after that last statement, let's look at the goals and plans for this month. For the last month or so I haven't been feeling to well because of the weather and all of the storms and hurricanes so I haven't been up to streaming much. I am hoping to stream a bit more now that I'm feeling better and am working on a schedule for streaming. I have to plan it around my working hours, which can vary so it may be a little bit for me to sort everything out. As for news on the projects front, there's a couple of new things I am working on that I don't want to reveal at this time, but for the most part I am still just working on my website, the Society of Collaborative Streamer's website and a few scripts and tools here and there. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  8. So since the last update there have been a few changes to what I originally posted. So first and foremost Elder Scrolls Online is working again, I made some modifications to my computer to split the hard drive load, so it's not perfect but the game is now at least playable, instead of taking five hours to load one area. The next is that I am wanting to focus more of my time onto website coding and making content for twitch. While I do like coding games and programs, I feel that it's not really going anywhere right now so I want to focus my time on my twitch streams and website content. Not that big of an update, but wanted to post one. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  9. So I've been a bit busy between not feeling well and having to deal with issues IRL so didn't find time to post one of these last month so pardon if it is a bit long. Okay so first of all I wanted to address the lack of ESO content recently. Unfortunately my computer is not working properly at the moment, as one of the cooling fans stopped working and this fan was responsible for cooling down my hard drive. While the hard drive is now working it did overheat a bit during a heat wave in July and is a bit damage now as pretty much everything reads and writes much slower now. This is really bad for ESO as it likes to load a lot of textures and stuff on demand which means every time I move to a different area it takes sometimes upwards of five minutes to load one NPC. I am currently working on saving up to either get a new SSD or a new computer to fix this issue, but for the short term I can barely sign on to do my daily crafting tasks so I won't be streaming ESO until this is resolved. So onto more technical matters. I have decided that due to a lack of any chat bots that do what I want it to I have decided to write my own to since I would need to heavily modify any that I download and use anyhow, so just going to save some time and effort on trying to adapt an existing bot and just create my own. This won't be done for a while but I'm hoping to get some basic functionality working by September if I have the time to code. There are some specifics I am working on still but there will be some cool viewer interaction features that should be fun for everyone and work on all areas of the community. Anyhow onto content for the foreseeable future. Due to the aforementioned damage and overheating of my computer I am currently limited to light weight and older games that don't munch on my CPU and HDD. Last week we started on a play through of Fallout 3 and I will be finishing that up before starting a new game, which is probably going to be Oblivion. Other games you may see on the channel are Minecraft, Warframe, and Stellaris. There may be the occasional programming stream but for the most part I am limited to less intensive games right now. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  10. So over the last couple of days I've been working on the website's theme to make it a bit easier for front end users to read and use. I did a couple of different designs but everyone I asked for the most part seemed to like the new grid layout we have for articles now. Before this update we were using an old style of displaying content, which was to have excerpts on the category pages. While I do kind of like this I can see why the feed back I got from people saying the website looked a lot cleaner and easier to read and find the content they were looking for with the new grid layout versus the old layout with excerpts. Just wanted to talk a little about the new layout in case anyone was curious about why it was changed to what it is now. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  11. So it's that time of month again, the monthly community update that is. There's a ton of changes and things to talk about this time around, so apologies in advance if this drags on a bit. Okay so let's get the big announcement out of the way first. In Elder Scrolls Online my main guild I am active in is Hearts of Ice, obligatory shout out, and last week I was promoted to an officer as a third in command of the guild's trading faction. This means that I will be spending the majority of my time playing Elder Scrolls Online when I'm not busy doing other things. Overall I am looking forward to this and will be working out how to balance this promotion with doing my other content, speaking of. So there have been a lack of streams recently, this is partly because of the aforementioned time sink that is ESO now, and partly due to a lack of Ethernet cables. The issue with this is I would be playing the game on unstable Wifi and personally don't want to produce streams where I'm just getting frustrated at the game when it drops connection, or plays at 400+ ping. So while I work out getting a router and cables to split my Ethernet connection to my room so both my laptop using OBS and my desktop playing the game can have a reliable connection I am going to stick to video content for now. Okay so the big news and the sad news out of the way let's talk about changes to the website. I've recently been working on website content and features, and while I don't want to spoil too much I am happy to announce that we now have Patreon support on the website. You should now be able to sign into the website using Patreon and if you are a patron you will have access to any content that is available for your pledge tier. There's also some other features of this plugin that I am looking at for ideas for future project sub domains, but again, don't want to spoil too much right now. I do have plans to add other social media login options, but for now Patreon is the only method to login to the website. And to wrap this up I just want to cover some of the minecraft, discord, and other things. I am not sure what my stance is on playing minecraft at the moment, as I said above I'm really trying to advance in ESO and that's eating most of my free time right now. As for the community discord not much is changing except that I will be cleaning up the channels and adding some new ones for upcoming content and such. Sorry if this was a bit long but May was a busy month, especially in the last couple weeks and thank you for reading, -XerShade
  12. So it's that time of the month again, time for the monthly update. So a bit of exciting news starting out of the gate, I have recently been putting a lot of work in to planning out the website and the website for The Society of Creative Streamers. So let's start off at home first. I have moved the website back to WordPress as while I like Invision Power Board, it just didn't seem appropriate for what I wanted to do here. I do have plans to make use of the software, but that is for later in the post. Instead I will be using WordPress as it is simpler for me to post short posts, rants, updates, etc on WordPress, so expect more frequent posts, content, and other cool things. Also I am currently working on a custom theme, so if the website is a bit of a mess for most of May and June, sorry in advance. Now the exciting bit! I have been working on the community website for the The Society of Creative Streamers group that I am a member of for the last little while, and after banging my head on multiple walls for a few months I have a rough idea of how I want to get all of that sorted. I will be using my, now, spare copy of Invision Power Board to manage the content, and I think it will be better used for a larger website than a smaller one, this one. Over the next couple of months I will be pretty much focusing most of my non-relaxing efforts into getting these two websites off the ground and working. So in addition to health issues because of the rainy season this will mean less streams possibly, though I will try to stream at least once a week, and who knows there may be some sneaky web development streaming on occasion. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  13. So over the last couple days I have been working out some kinks and putting together a few hacks and have decided on what the streaming channel's main focus for the next while will be. I have managed to get together a setup using my existing hardware that allows me to stream Elder Scrolls Online now, as well as stream other games with less lag and other issues. With the new setup the channel will primarily be focused on Elder Scrolls Online content, which has been my plan for a long time but I've never had the ability to stream Elder Scrolls Online reliably, with Minecraft and Stellaris as backups and/or break games for when I or the community needs a reak from Elder Scrolls Online. There is no definitive schedule yet, but what I'm looking at is Elder Scrolls Online on days I have to work, Stellaris when I don't and can sit down and play it for eight or more hours, and then minecraft, modded and vanilla, in between when I need to work on projects on them or don't really have any content plans for Elder Scrolls Online or just need a break. Still working out health and other issues so no idea on times but I am looking to have all streams be around 7AM (GMT-5) when I have work, and nights off will be started anytime but before 5PM (GMT-5) on Thursday and Sunday as I need to sleep then for work. Hope everyone enjoys the new content, and thank you for your patience while I smooth out the kinks in the plans, -XerShade
  14. So it's been a while since I posted something or worked on the community so I figured I would post about what's been happening recently. First some slight malfunctions. Earlier this month my dedicated server almost imploded. Fortunately before it actually did I managed to get most of my data off of it, note I said most. Unfortunately while I did get a file that was supposed to be the backup for the websites database it was corrupted and I was not able to estore the data, as such I will need to re-do everything on the website. Now on to brighter news, I have been working with The Society of Creative Streams group I am a member of to work on a new website for them so we could have a nice hub for all of our content to be displayed on. Progress has been a little slow, and don't really have anything to show yet but figured I would just let everyone know that I was working on it. As for community updates, the vanilla minecraft server has been reset, and is now on season two. We are also hosting a FTB: Sky Odyssey server for modded right now. The discord and community websites have been slowly undergoing an update and I am hoping to get the updates out as soon as possible, but as mentioned above some technical issues have put a little bit of a wrench in those plans. I have also been putting a lot of time into playing Elder Scrolls Online so expect some content related to that soon, though there will not be any video content for this as if I so much as load OBS ESO throws a tantrum. Other games I've been streaming are Divinity: Original Sin, Stellaris, and Ocarina of Time Randomizer. I don't really have a schedule for streams right now due to health issues so just keep an ear out on discord, I will post to the videos channel when I go live. Anyhow that's it for now, hope everyone enjoys the new content and updates and thanks for reading, -XerShade
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