Farms & Points of Interest

Welcome to the directory page for the community farms and other points of interest on the Terralith server. This page was made and is maintained as a directory of the farms, locations, personal bases, and other points of interest players may be looking for. If you think anything is missing from any of the tables on this page please let @xershade know and it will be added as soon as possible. You can also view these locations on the server world map.

Community Farms

The community farms are public access farms that anyone can use and/or afk at, provided they aren’t current in use by another player, to generate resources and other items. There may be multiple versions of the same farm that function differently, have a different design, or just have multiple of the same farm so more then one person can use it at the same time. If a farm is on this list and currently is not built and you would like to build it please let one of the moderators know you are taking the project so we can update the list.

Quad Slime Farm60830416OverworldUnder ConstructionXerShade

Community Builds

The community builds are non-farm builds that are just for the community to use and hang out in. These range from simple areas that people can meet up at to side things like mini-games, seasonal areas, and other builds that exist to add things to look at on the server. If you would like to organize an area for multiple people to contribute builds in please let the moderators know so we can add it to the list, the person who is responsible for the area will set the theme and other build limitations for that area.

Spawn Town01000OverworldA Big MessXerShade
End Portal Stronghold-1201-3878OverworldNot StartedNeeds Builder
Village With Castle43125-413OverworldGeneratedNeeds Builder

Personal Bases & Builds

These are people’s personal bases and other builds. While you are free to roam, visit, and explore them please do not touch anything like chests, farms, mobs, and other similar things in them without permission from the owner(s) of the area. If you make a mess while visiting a base while the owner isn’t there please remember to clean it up. Please ask and co-ordinate with the owner of the build if you need to build within a few hundred blocks of the build. Some builds may by planned to be large and building nearby may be a problem. The person who claims an area first will be given priority when deciding who gets the land if multiple people want the area. That being said please do not claim large areas if you do not need them, the world is a limited size and there are a lot of things to build.

XerShade’s Base-2250622350OverworldUnder ConstructionXerShade
Anij’s Floating Islands5301001900OverworldUnder ConstructionAnij
Glitch’s Base-398154-140OverworldUnder ConstructionSpooked_Glitch
Phobos’ Volcano-376170-624OverworldUnder ConstructionSir_Phobos