An Update On Things

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Since it’s been a while since I last posted I wanted to make a quick little post to update everyone on what has been happening the last few months. First and foremost I have my new computer built and setup, aside from a couple of things that I need to install still and configure all of my games and streaming stuff is setup and moved to the new computer. The new computer being finished also has opened up some new games and other things I can do while streaming and while working offline. I can play multiple games for example on the highest setting, so I can do things like play on Final Fantasy XIV while an AFK-ish game like RuneScape does stuff in the background. I can also work on my coding projects while playing games, so I no longer have to devote all my attention and computer’s processing power to one or the other.

Speaking of coding projects I wanted to talk about a few of them since I want to eventually get into an actual job possibly as a programmer. So I haven’t been working on this website as much because I found myself changing and developing more code then I should when using a pre-built platform like WordPress to get my website the way I wanted. I figured since I am spending most of my time writing or modifying WordPress plugins to make the website act and function the way I wanted I might as well code my own website from scratch. While more work this lets me have the control over it I want and lets me develop features and content for the community in a language I am comfortable with. Right now I have a demo/development version of the new website up at (Yes, I know the subdomain is website, I literally couldn’t think of a better one at the time.) for anyone who wants to play around and see what I’m working on. At the time of this post there’s not much on it as I am still learning ASP.NET core and designing and coding the back end functionality.

Another coding project I want to spend more time working on now that I can is my 2D online action role playing game Reoria. It’s a game that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time now, but haven’t been able to get working the way I wanted to as I’ve spent most of my time developing websites and other games and engines. I have recently been working on it using the Godot game engine, which I switched to after Unity stopped working right on my old computer amongst other things the company was involved in. It’s not even started really, and it’s not on the top of my priority list for coding project at the moment, but if anyone wants to poke around in the source code it’s available at

Finally on a more personal note I have been busy dealing with physical and mental health problems. For anyone who wasn’t aware if I disappear from my YouTube or other media for a while it’s probably because I am not feeling well enough to stream or just bother with things. My doctors are dealing with things and most of my issues are under control now but if I randomly don’t stream for a few weeks, or disappear from posting stuff for a while it’s probably because I’m busy with IRL matters and don’t have the time or energy to devote to online matters. I may make a separate post later about this with more details so people who don’t want to read it, for whatever reasons, don’t have to.

Anyhow that’s the update for now, thanks for reading:


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