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XerShade's Corner

    • XerShade
      A quick survey for planned ideas and features that will be worked on in August 2018.
      For the past few months I have been trying new things and content and have decided that I enjoy myself more when playing sandbox and role playing games more, so I am working on content with that as a focus for the future. I will also do some game and website development content alongside this.
      I am planning to maybe start doing video content again, though I mostly feel like tutorials and guides for games would be the primary focus for this as I prefer to have a live audience when playing games, especially role playing and sandbox games as the viewer input adds to the world and/or character(s).
      With that little forward out of the way, I thank you for your time in filling out this quick(ish) little survey.
      Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/ndtEPAJSv01vt0172

    • I have decided to move the website back to Invision Power Board for a number of reasons, the first of which being that WordPress was simply not providing the functionality I needed out of the box. The new website will have forums, pages, and all other kinds of content built in, and stuff that is missing we can easily find or commission over on the Invision Power Board website.
      Another reason I wanted to switch back to Invision Power Board is the IP.Connect features. Eventually I will want to integrate my game and other coding projects with the website, and I am unfamiliar with WordPress' way of handling this. I do however know how to do it with Invision Power Board, which will make development a lot easier.
      The other staff and I, mostly I, will be working on porting content and designing new content and themes for the website over the next few days. If you have a suggestion feel free to submit it to the feature tracker, and if you find a bug submit it to the issue tracker. A quick note, both of these are not available at the time of posting this, but they are one of the highest priorities right now so they should appear soon!
      Thanks for reading,