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Found 2 results

  1. Not much to post about this month, for the most part been busy with most of the stuff I mentioned last month. There are a couple of big changes that will be worked on this month, the first being that I am going to be working on more ESO content as my guild's progression group is starting up, so I'll be playing that more in the evenings to help people farm stuff and grind out my own builds. I'll also be working on coding more, I have a few projects on the go I want to get done, so there may be the occasional coding stream or two mixed in. Other than that not much going on this month. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
  2. It doesn't feel like we're into the fifth month of 2020 yet, but then again the days start to blend together when you're setting your own hours. Anyhow I realize I forgot to post one of these in April, things got a little hectic with stuff that's been happening. There are only a couple things to go over this time, but they're kinda of big updates. Firstly I wanted to just say that I'm working on getting more time put into the website and community. I want to work on getting the community more active and such, so I've been making it a goal to work on the community more. There are a number of things in the works, but for the most part I'll be working mostly on the community forums, and my personal areas of the website for now. Oh and the theme, the theme is important so yeah that's also a thing being worked on. Next I want to just let everyone know that I am working on getting the Champion's Den and Evergloam Nightingales guilds I run in the Elder Scrolls Online more active. Both guilds have kind of just been sitting there, so like the community I want to get those active again. I will not be prioritizing these more than the community, but I'm hoping once I get more stuff done here, I'll have more time to run these guilds more actively. Other than that not much else going on, there we not many changes to my life because of the world events recently, and I've been pretty much just been doing the same things as normal. As for streaming, I've been having bad migraines because of the rainy season, so I'll try to stream as often a as I can as consistently as I can, but as I always say personal health takes priority over gaming, and if I don't have the energy or patience to stream, I'm not going too. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
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