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  1. WARNING: THIS IS A RANT/VENT POST. I MAY NOT KNOW WHAT I'M ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT SO TAKE ANYTHING SAID HERE WITH A MASSIVE GRAIN OF SALT. ALSO NO HARD FEELING TO ANYONE OR ANY GROUPS OR ANY GUILDS IN THE GAME, JUST VOICING MY OPINION. Okay so the recent PTS changes on ESO have been causing a LOT of older players and end game guilds to fly off the handle with their rants, and quite frankly most of them have missed the point or don't know what they're talking about so my turn to rant. I'm going to go over the meaning of the DoT changes and what the big words of text a lot of people ignored or didn't understands mean and why not changing these things would be bad from a design standpoint. So this is the first point they made for the changes. It makes very little sense for a single target damage over time effect to do TWO AND A HALF times the damage of a single target spam attack that you should be weaving. At that point what's the point of using the attacks, other then because you have no other skills to slot and/or use. While they are essentially cutting the damage in half, if on player was to stand there and only use a spam skill, and the other was to maintain a DoT the DoT player will still out damage the non-DoT player. This is essentially the same as above, but meant to stop everyone from just picking AoE DoTs because they do the same damage and hit multiple targets. Now there's a choice, you can go for more damage via AoE tags, but it will cost more, or you can go for less damage with a single tag, and it will mean less strain on your resource bars. This is called balance. Essentially, healing is not the same as damaging things. Damage has to worry about penetration, mitigation, etc. Healing is just a simple, mitigation if they have a debuff, multiplicative if they have a buff so not as complex. You're probably not going to be spamming a heal over time you don't need to spam if you're managing resources properly or wanting to be super efficient about it. Again, unique things shouldn't be standardised just kept in line. What if the purpose of a unique skill or mechanic like healing if you're just going to standardise it to be the same as the rest of the damage skills. So as a test to see what they were actually talking about and if they were right, I did some math before ranting here. So to do this test I took the skill [esoskill id="97" tooltip="true"] and compared it to [esoskill id="389" tooltip="true"]. So on the live server currently Killer's Blade does about 3244 damage for my character, while Blood Craze does about 1621 up front and 14480. So here's the issue, Blood Craze only has to be cast ONCE which means it's cost of about 1917 for my character has to be paid once only. If I was to cast Killer's Blade once every second, it would cost 8575 stamina for it to equal the damage, eventually it would over take it if I casted it ten times but it's almost 4.473 times the cost to EQUAL the damage, if I had to choose which ability I wanted I would pick Blood Craze no contest if we were talking raw damage output. Now let's look at the nerf, Blood Craze lost 63% of its damage per tick, this means it should do about 4778 damage over time, plus the 1621 up front damage. That's about 6399 damage total per single cast of the skill. I would have to cast Killer's Blade twice to get anywhere near that so yes, Blood Craze is still cheaper it's not as ridiculous for my character to want to use Killer's Blade now as the cost to match Blood craze is now only about 3430. Compared to the previous 8575 cost to match it, this new amount is MUCH more reasonable. Now I don't claim to be a game development expert, and that was all done using simple maths using only the numbers I have access to and I may have not done the math the same as the game, heck I may be WAY off the mark here, but the simple fact that I'm not locked into a DoT skill for my build to be at least semi-optimal is kind of the whole point. Damage over time skills should be used to augment single use abilities, not replace them and have their role filled with spamming auto attacks while you wait for the Damage over Time skills to expire so you can re-cast them, which on this current patch is what A LOT of my character's have turned into. My Templar currently is essentially cast all my abilities, then keep spamming my execute/spammable while mixing in autos between casts. Now my night Blade is specifically designed to do this play style. I did NOT make an alternate character to play the same style just as a magicka toon with fire instead of a stamina character with bleeds. However in order to keep up with what the veteran groups want and are doing I need to do this as my numbers won't hit anywhere near the numbers they are if I don't, and then they just kick me from the dungeon, and trust me I TRIED. The game's essentially become, "Play a DoT spammer, or don't keep up with everyone." which in a game that kind of prides itself on the whole sandbox experience, that's a little bit of an issue. So I like my DoT characters and will need to adapt once these nerfs hit, but the simple fact that non DoT builds are slotting these skills simply because they massively out perform everything else is the core issue ZoS was trying to get at. Anyhow sorry if this went on a bit long, seeing the same outcries and rants over and over and over with little to no insight into this matter made me want to rant. Thanks for reading, -XerShade
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