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    Community Update, October 2019


    Well, it's October so it's time for another community update. This one is a bit late because of IRL issues but there are a few things I wanted to update everyone on.

    First is I am going to be streaming Stellaris on Sundays when I can, however the last few week I've been not well. I've since gone to the doctors and am feeling a bit better, but this time of year is when I start to get very sick, very easily. Other then Stellaris for now I am planning on streaming Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4 Survival Mode on the other days of the week that I can stream. There are currently some false audio claim issues with a few of my recent VODs, but they are being dealt with as fast as I can.

    I'll also be aiming to stream around 7 AM (GMT-5) every day for at least an hour, but health and other priorities like work and appointments will be put ahead of streaming. I'm also going to be going through my twitch archive over the next few months or so and cleaning up the collections and VOD information in preparation for a new section that's coming to the website soon.

    Finally I am going to try and put a fair amount of my time coding into working on the Society of Collaborative Streamers website as the code and systems I am working on there will also allow me to pull and manage my video content over on this website. As both websites are hosted on the same server I can use the database for both websites, and just display my content from the database on my website.

    Thanks for reading,

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