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    Community Update, January 2020


    Its the new year and time for some new updates. The first updates we have are to the community as a whole. I have been working on integrating the Discord, Minecraft Servers, Patreon, Twitch channel, and pretty much everything I am currently running through the website. I have been working on bridging the many parts of the community together so that it is easier for everyone to use and manage the community. I will go over this in more detail as there's a few things that need some explaining, but for the most part all sections of the community are connected now through the website.

    The next big update is more of a change in my goals and focus in life. I will still be streaming gaming content, however I will be mostly working on websites and website themes for people and am dropping game development as an almost whole. I will still be helping others with their game projects from time to time, but for the most part I found that most of my game and application projects go no where and I want to focus that energy more into things I enjoy and don't have to spend as much time on, like websites and extensions for websites.

    Okay so with that bombshell out of the way there's one last elephant in this update room to deal with. In terms of gaming content I will be focusing mostly on Elder Scrolls Online, but I want to be a bit more active on the minecraft front. I will be working on ZombieCleo's server as well as my own more often, especially on Cleos as there is a build I want to complete before the next reset, or at least part of it since it is kind of a big idea and I might not have time to complete the whole thing.

    I will go over things in their own posts later, as all of these require a fair amount of expanding on, but for now thanks for reading.

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