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Working On The Community

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Just a heads up, I am currently working on organizing and in some areas rebuilding the community. This is the time of the year for spring cleaning and well, also a little stuck at home when not at work so I figured this would be a good time to work on the back end stuff for the community.

The biggest thing that me and the other administrators have been working on is a complete rebuild of the dedicated server that operates pretty much all of the community's servers and websites. Not going to go too much into it for security and boredom reasons, but we are now running the game servers and other services we host on CentOS using docker. This allows us to perform maintenance faster and causes less issues when one server needs to be updated, but updating it will cause issues with other stuff. At this time we are not running more then the minecraft, modded minecraft, and ark servers but in the future we may put up a monthly/event/limited time game server for some added fun and community engagement, more on that later as it's debated. Also the quarter day restarts on the game servers are gone, we now have a program watching the containers and will let us know when one is having issues.

For the personal side of the community, I am going to be focusing more on website design and coding more than applications and games. I feel I've been spreading myself a little too thin recently working on all different kinds of programming projects, so I am now going to focus and work on specializing in website design. There will be areas of the website setup for this as I work on it, and for now I am only working on projects for friends and myself. There will also be a dedicated blog section, as I thought it would be important to separate my personal posts from the community related ones. So as aforementioned I will be setting up a dedicated personal blog section, and the community based stuff will be posted here in the forums area.

That's all for now, I will post a proper update for April and/or May at a later date as the community is re-organized. Thanks for reading,

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