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Community Update, August 2019

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So I've been a bit busy between not feeling well and having to deal with issues IRL so didn't find time to post one of these last month so pardon if it is a bit long.

Okay so first of all I wanted to address the lack of ESO content recently. Unfortunately my computer is not working properly at the moment, as one of the cooling fans stopped working and this fan was responsible for cooling down my hard drive. While the hard drive is now working it did overheat a bit during a heat wave in July and is a bit damage now as pretty much everything reads and writes much slower now. This is really bad for ESO as it likes to load a lot of textures and stuff on demand which means every time I move to a different area it takes sometimes upwards of five minutes to load one NPC. I am currently working on saving up to either get a new SSD or a new computer to fix this issue, but for the short term I can barely sign on to do my daily crafting tasks so I won't be streaming ESO until this is resolved.

So onto more technical matters. I have decided that due to a lack of any chat bots that do what I want it to I have decided to write my own to since I would need to heavily modify any that I download and use anyhow, so just going to save some time and effort on trying to adapt an existing bot and just create my own. This won't be done for a while but I'm hoping to get some basic functionality working by September if I have the time to code. There are some specifics I am working on still but there will be some cool viewer interaction features that should be fun for everyone and work on all areas of the community.

Anyhow onto content for the foreseeable future. Due to the aforementioned damage and overheating of my computer I am currently limited to light weight and older games that don't munch on my CPU and HDD. Last week we started on a play through of Fallout 3 and I will be finishing that up before starting a new game, which is probably going to be Oblivion. Other games you may see on the channel are Minecraft, Warframe, and Stellaris. There may be the occasional programming stream but for the most part I am limited to less intensive games right now.

Thanks for reading,

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