Community Guidelines

Welcome to the community, before we get started please take a few minutes to read over the rules. These rules apply at all times and you will not be given any warnings before action is taken against you for breaking them. I did not spend about an hour making these and formatting them for them to be ignored. Please keep in mind, any actions taken against you here will also be reflected on my discord, as both are linked, and you may lose access to the community servers and discord depending on the severity of your actions.

Absolutely no hate speech, bigotry, or other speech that is targeted at people.

This has a zero tolerance policy and will result in an immediate and permanent ban if you are caught doing it. I have personal friends and family members who are members of some of the groups that are commonly target by this kind of hate, and I will not tolerate it in my community. Please keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinions, and you may disagree with them but you will not put people down or attack them for these beliefs. That goes both ways on the spectrum by the way.

Please keep conversations and debates civil.

We are perfectly fine with people disagreeing with each other when having a conversation or debate. However if we start seeing it go off the rails and people are starting to throw insults around we will end the conversation. This is to prevent flame wars from taking over the community, there are other places on the internet for that kind of behaviour.

Piracy, and general hacking is not allowed.

Our servers are setup to not allow people who are using pirated or hacked clients from playing. This will not be changed, if you wish to join us on the server please support the developers of that game and buy it. Anyone who flames me or my team because we do not allow hackers or pirates on our servers will be banned.

Elitist behaviour is not allowed.

We do not look fondly at people holding their skills and achievements over the heads of others. No one is perfect or better than everyone else, and we do not want a community built on this behaviour. The occasional fun jab at friends is fine, but if you start putting others down because they are worse than you at something then you will be in trouble.

We’re all here to have fun and enjoy our time together.

Ultimately we’re here to have fun and participate in the games played and topics currently being discussed in the community. We will remove people who are here to ruin that from the community. People caught actively sabotaging others on the servers will be removed from that server, you may still have access to the community, but you will not be welcome on that server anymore. Please save us all the trouble and leave toxic behaviour at the door.

Finally, all moderator decisions are final.

Each area of the community has its own moderators, and above them we have the community moderators, and the community administrators above them. Each moderator has the power to determine if you have violated the rules for their area of the community. If you feel that someone is abusing their authority please take it up the chain to the next group of moderators above them. Members of the same moderator group are not allowed to override their fellow member’s decisions, and I ultimately have final say over anything in the community.