artofmana –

The founder of the friendsofmana community and a family-friendly, variety streamer with a focus on Nintendo games, retro titles on original hardware and indie games.

Fizzbolts –

A variety streamer who streams many games but streams a fair but of minecraft. She also has videos posted on YouTube!

MincOfBane –

MincOfBane is a dutch software developer that happens to like playing computer games in his off-time. He streams when he feels like it, so don\’t expect anything regular and usually streams MechWarrior Online, Minecraft, or just some random games from his collection.

Mylixia –

Mylixia is an entertainer, entrepreneur, public speaker on peak performance, and competitive dancer. He loves gaming and its ability to bring people together, and streams to make people happy.
He is obsessed with self-improvement, action towards achievable goals, and finding out what gets people to achieve their dreams, and loves talking about this and does so a lot on his streams.

Voldorius –

Voldorius is a variety streamer who mostly streams Minecraft, Mass effect, Overwatch, Elder Scrolls online, and the occasional XCOM 2 and loves games that have choices.

ZombieCleo –

A variety streamer who also makes videos on YouTube. Loves Fallout and knows pretty much everything relating to that series.