Development Logs: Version 0.0.1’s Final Stages

So at this point I have completed a fair bit of the basic systems and game logic. Since the last update I got the camera done, there are two variants one that just renders the center of the map and one that tracks and follows an entity. The entity camera is a fluid view that will follow an entity and will adjust position based on where the entity is. One nice feature is it keeps the entity in the middle of the screen, unless the entity is approaching once of the edges, in which case the entity will start moving towards to edge so there should be no black borders. (Unless the map is smaller then the window, will have options on how to handle that later.) I also completed the resources for the player’s vitals which is displayed in the top left corner. They don’t do anything yet but now that I have them partially coded I can write and work on some of the game’s formulas.

Next steps past this point would be to add in a basic combat system and npc movement, then stop adding features in and work on optimizing and cleaning up all existing code then version 0.0.1 should be ready for release.