Website & Community Organization

I have decided to do some house keeping and clean up both my website and the community a fair bit. I went in and cleaned out the unused and/or unnecessary discord channels, and done a fair bit of re-organization on both my site and the community website. The changes I did can be found below:

Website Changes

  • Now using WordPress for my personal website instead of Invision Power Board, more info on that in a few lines.
  • My personal, non-community projects and posts and content will be posted here.
  • Eventually will integrate logins with the community website so people can login and comment.

Discord Changes

  • Cleaned out some old channels that were either not being used, or were non-functional because software broke.
  • New colours for Administrators and Moderators.
  • New instant invite link:

Patron Changes

  • New patron server for patrons who are at least Tier 1!

Community Changes

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